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Twelve's my limit by whosname on deviantART

Daisy: Do you want another cup of tea? Tim: Ooh, no thanks, twelve’s my limit Twelve's my limit

Daisy's crap job interview.

'Spaced': Season One

If you haven't seen Spaced and you liked Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, go to Netflix this very instant and remedy that!

Which Scooby character were you?

20 Excellent Reasons To Revisit “Spaced”

20 Excellent Reasons To Revisit “Spaced”


Anything and Everything Spaced. (and the occasional nick frost/simon pegg picture cause cmon its nick&simon!

Spaced - Tim, Daisy and Colin

Spaced - Tim, Daisy and Colin

Amazon.com: Spaced: The Complete Series: Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg, Katy Carmichael, Julia Deakin, Nick Frost, Mark Heap, Simon Kunz, Anna Wilson-Jones, Aida the Dog, Alfie Allen, Jayne Buxton, Gareth Edwards, Edgar Wright, Humphrey Barclay, Karen Beever, Lisa Clark, Nira Park: Movies & TV

We are super excited about the drinking buddy comedy/alien apocalypse movie "The World's End" coming out this month. In the mean time, we're watching "Spaced," director Edgar Wright and actor Simon Pegg's awesomely hilarious TV series.

Spaced S1E01, Beginnings

“ By the way, my name’s Daisy. I’m Tim, hi. ” Spaced Beginnings