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from nechronicle

Northumberland farmer welcomes unseasonal arrivals as 'worlds cutest lambs' are born

Animal Fibers: Wool - a textile full of important properties; it breathes really well which helps woollen clothes retain a light and airy feel. It can also absorb moisture extremely well, which is done through the moisture being drawn into the core of the material's fibres. As long as no chemicals are added when colouring or preserving the wool, it is entirely natural.

The Scottish Blackface is the most common breed of domestic sheep in the United Kingdom. This tough and adaptable breed is often found in the more exposed locations, such as the Scottish Highlands or roaming on the moors of Dartmoor. It is also known as Blackfaced Highland, Kerry, Linton, Scottish Mountain, Scottish Highland, Scotch Blackface and Scotch Horn.[Wikipedia] - Scotland

from Etsy

5 Sheep appliqué tweed boudoir cushion


Someone thinks me a target. lol Funny thing is I go by a general rule. Let them out enough rope, never let your assumptions or senses be discovered but wait. Where would be the justice of judging someone until the proof is obtained in evidence. Went to even medically help this person, but in the night they plot and I saw it in the eye. I'm looking like a sheep to them. Deep impacted rot for brains, they have. Felt the monster from the cavern of his filthy thoughts. Actions he will make soon.

Maybe I'll get a lamb with coloring like this so I can have a black sheep but still dye the wool.