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Explore Selling Mobile, 4 Factors and more!

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Consider these 4 Factors That Build a Best-Selling #Mobile #App!

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To succeed in developing mobile apps, you basically need two skills that are essential. Regardless of whether you develop applications to land a mobile app development job or plan to sell these apps directly. Click here for more information:

These feature Post-it note-style tickets that can be moved around between project phases. Others embrace Scrum-based working, where holistic...

How Apple's iPhone Beats Android With 8 Punches #Infographic #iphone #Android

How Apple's iPhone Beats Android With 8 Punches [Infographic]

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New Mergers Take Samsung Display to 39,000 Employees, 7 Facilities

New merger takes display market leader Samsung Display to 39,000 staff and 7 facilities worldwide

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High Tech, High Fashion: Clothes Hangers Show Real-Time Facebook Likes [VIDEO]

Companies spend a lot of money every year making sure they are found online. And there are countless articles explaining the ins and outs of online marketing for a corporate brand.

1. List the features + benefits that are unique about your product/service. 2. Decide what emotional need is being specifically met by your product/service (customer's perspective). 3. Identify aspects of your product/service that your competitors cannot imitate/duplicate/reproduce. 4. Create phrases about your unique product/service that are short, clear, and concise. Use the words from steps 1-3 5. "What's in it for me?" (brief- benefits to customers)