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Love is such a sweet thing but it asks for sacrifice...much of pain and tears even life sometimes...blessed are those who go on bear the throes and all for at the end of suffering a LIFE a JOY a HOME!

Animals fight for a variety of reasons. It may be for play, for space or, most likely, for sexual dominance. Here, with the help of some wonderful images – we take a look at a few species in the throes of fighting.

predator and prey who knew "wild kingdom" was being filmed right on our front porch? i didn't get the memo. on the left, blurred in the background, is harvey, who is relishing being an outdoor cat. on the right in the foreground is his latest victim, left as an offering to us helpless humans. harvey's ability to hunt and kill, after being an indoor cat for 12 years, amazes me. i feared for his life when we let him out, that should he lose his way, he'd not be able to fend for…

If you know anyone with severe Asperger's syndrome, this video might look familiar. Thankfully, this woman has her beloved dog near. This video shows what's called a "meltdown," and Samson (the dog) has been trained to respond. Watch what he does to stop her from harming herself.