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MCR. Essentially what I started my teenage years with, one of the most amazing bands and a huge part of my life <3


George Benson

George Benson: 'The jazz always seems to automatically come out, because it was from my jazz days that I learned that spark. And the nice thing with my band and this repertoire, which is a complete joy, is that we go beyond just playing chords and melody. It is music that can stretch out

Ok... I admit this is pretty strange decor, but one of my must haves is this mirror as ITS GREAT

Green Velvet  May we all have  A bit of green velvet In our lives A good footstool To rest our feet upon After a long day  Music to fill our ears Along with a pile of amazing books That our fingers can never manage to turn fast enough  But most of all  May we all enjoy  Connections That remind us To be grateful & thankful  -The Sensual Starfish

Sneak Peek: Alison and Jeff Allen. "We love listening to music! Our record collection is our most prized possession, and listening to records is part of our day-to-day ritual. We totally feel lucky that our house has a space to showcase our collection." #sneakpeek

If I weren't rodent phobic, I'm sure I could spend MANY hours right in this corner in that chair.

from The Glamorous Housewife

3 Organizing Resolutions for the New Year

organizational goals

The most divine mission of every human being is to explore himself. We all contain a seed, which is the source of unlimited possibilities and our link to the source. The nurturing of this seed is the source of fulfillment and joy. The pursuit of own understanding is the ultimate divine purpose of life and the true path to enlightenment. To discover our own seed, we need to follow our inner intuitions, not the outer expectations. ~ Osho

from the Guardian

Debbie Harry's glory years – in pictures

“Deb, in what is most likely a Halston dress, shot in a hotel room, where we set up a blue paper backdrop.” by Chris Stein