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Runaway.. Sometimes who we run from is the closest to us... #anime #drawing #digitalart #runaway #photoshop

Vada & Jaya Finally Vada starts to understand...

Angels have decided... The girl have to be killed!!

The Shadow Queen... Ruler of the upper world!!

The girl has to be dead! Decision was made!!

Microsoft Surface tablet is still losing money, figures show

Microsoft Announces New Tablet. - In a hastily announced press conference yesterday, Microsoft announced that they would produce their first tablet computer line called Surface. The device will.....

She was fifteen years old and can recall her childhood like yesterday. Her parents had really tried. Vada was grateful to them after all the effort they gave to have a normal life. But for Vada normality seemed rather impossible. She sees shadows next to every man.. "Shadow" was how she call them. They look like a thin black ring around the wrist most of the time; but sometimes, like this morning, they got their human form. Never talk, would not interfere with anything. Observing silently..

Rhydian & Jaya.... That girl was the only thing they had in common... #shadowland #cartoon #boys

....The only strange things on the street were two shadows who look completely alien to this world. They had motorcycles parked on one of the narrow streets as if people can see them. But it was not people who they are hiding from. The time was coming... Finally shadow boy broke the silence. "Look at them! They are running around unaware of anything!" This made shadow girl smile. "They wouldn't be so cool if they knew what's waiting for them on the other side!"....... #shadowland #cartoon