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Sugar Cookie Sorbet Sandwiches

All these ingredients can be purchased pre-made in the grocery store and assembled at home in just a few minutes. Put the sorbet in the fridge 10 minutes prior to scooping for easier sandwiching.

Berry-Orange Smoothie

Berry-Orange Smoothie

Using sorbet instead of ice cream makes this creamy smoothie a satisfying dessert option as well as a delicious breakfast.

Ice Cream Cone Canoli - http://passthesushi.com/cannoli-cones/

Ice Cream Cone Cannoli

Ice Cream Cone Cannoli, A simple cannoli filling inside a sugar cone shell. This could be WAY easier than making cannoli shells.

Snickers Ice Cream Cupcakes are a combo of Snickers Bites, peanut butter ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate shell and caramel whipped cream!

Snickers Ice Cream Cupcakes

Snickers Ice Cream Cupcakes AND a coupon! These will blow your mind! -- Try using Guernsey Farms Dairy heavy whipping cream in this yummy recipe!

Cutler's Famous Sugar Cookies with Butter Cream Frosting or Glaze  (Cutler's Cookies, Bountiful Utah)

A Bountiful Kitchen: Cutler's Famous Sugar Cookies maybe this is the secret sugar cookie recipe--secret"cake flour"

BABALLA: HISTORIAS DE UNA MADRE IMPERFECTA (como ser madre trabajadora y no morir en el intento)

Great shower or party idea from rockstar diaries: guest post // build your own fruit salad bar. from anna liesemeyer

Creme Brulee #cooking guide| http://cookingtips.lemoncoin.org

Oh my: Creme Brulee Cupcakes ~ Crack through a layer of caramelized sugar to reveal a layer of sweet cream below, but you're not done. Below the cream is your favorite fluffy cupcake! Welcome to the world of crème brûlée cupcakes!