Hertfordshire antique shop

Want to make a newer piece of furniture look like an antique? You'll need: Turpentine or paint thinner Rag Sand paper Paint brush Primary paint color Graining Liquid (creates aged look) Lint free c.

Trdelniks: Rolled Pastries from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Don't Miss Trdelniks on a Trip to Prague

Trdelníky (or Staročeské Trdlo) is not a Czech food. It actually comes from Transylvania. In Prague, it's known as tourist food. Regardless, I had it when I was in Prague and it was delicious!

By Appointment Only Design party at One Mayfair, 11 February 2011...

By Appointment Only Design, at One Mayfair ~ A Glamorous Evening that Showcased the Best of the UK Wedding Industry…

Germany.Oh, I want one of these!  I'll take the next plane to Germany and hunt for it.

A shiny suit of armor stands guard in front of a weapons and arms store, brightly decorated for Weihnachten (Christmas), in the walled medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauben, Bavaria, Germany

Gasthaus Schlenkerla

Schlenkerla Bamberg, Germany - Famous for it's unique Rauchbier (smoked beer) which tasted like bacon.