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Jerry Gergich (Parks and Recreation)

Gary Gergich (Parks and Recreation)

Parks And Recreation Season Two Episode 19: Park Safety. "Ew, is that code for some kind of weird sex act?"

The Best Of ‘Parks And Recreation’s’ #Jerry Gergich

Parks And Rec Jerry Gergich

#parksandrec :)  April: Sorry, he's busy now. Doug: Can I reschedule? April: Hmm, how about June 50th? Doug: Sorry? April: Do you think you could come back today at 2:65? He's available then. Doug: What is going on? April: Looks like the only other day he has open is Marchtember oneteenth. Does that work, sir?

Marchtember oneteenth (Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Season Six Episode 7: Recall Vote. "I regret everything."

Parks and Recreation Season Six Episode Recall Vote. "I regret everything.


I'm going to win you a million teddy bears. Well, I want a billion teddy bears. Well, that's a little unrealistic.

Dave versus Ben ~ Parks and Recreation

Dave versus Ben (Parks and Recreation)


How is this a child-sized soda?

Jean Ralphio is the best

Parks and Rec - Jean Ralphio - Pills, baby!

Ron Swanson -- Parks and Recreation.

Ron Swanson -- Parks and Recreation.

Ann: Describe your ideal man.   Leslie: He's dark and mysterious, and he can sing. And he plays the organ.   Ann: I think you just described the Phantom of the Opera.

Parks and recreation !

Leslie Knope and waffles. Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope -- Parks and Recreation.

"Well I salsa your face." lolol #parkandrec

Parks & rec Story of my life.

Andy and Ben -- Parks and Recreation.

why you guys should watch parks and rec

The Wisdom of Jean-Ralphio

The Wisdom of Jean-Ralphio

Parks and Recreation. Jean Ralphio thinks it makes sense and that's HILARIOUS

Love Louis CK on Parks & Rec.

Louis CK on Parks and Recreation.

Ron Swanson- Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson- Parks and Recreation.