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Funny Mug Shots: 20 of Worst, Bad & Crazy

Some people get arrested wearing the worst possible T-shirt for the occasion. Check out this list of 25 ridiculously ironic mugshots! - Crafted from the finest Internets.

That's the Whole Work Day For Some of Us

Funny pictures about Inconvenient meeting. Oh, and cool pics about Inconvenient meeting. Also, Inconvenient meeting.

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Funny Mugshots: 28 Hilariously Stupid Criminals

20 Most Bizarre Mugshots ever (funny mugshots) - ODDEE

20 Most Bizarre Mugshots ever

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30 Of The Dumbest Shirts Worn In Mugshots - Facepalm Gallery

14. This American pirate loves Chevy trucks.

~Wannabe Pirate~ 17 Mugshots Of Real Monsters. Will Haunt My Dreams - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

So wrong.but so funny! Florida's Finest Mugshots - Seriously, For Real? ~ yes for real. These people do exist!

These have got to be instant contenders for worst mugshot of all time. Description from I searched for this on

More of the Funniest Mugshots ever featuring hilarious & stupid criminals mugging for the po po camera.

World's most hilarious mug shots - NY Daily News

Outrageous mug shots - Photos - World's most outrageous mug shots

Maybe It Is Just the Lighting: (I am afraid to make a comment here in case it gets out one day.

Buying one of these for me and one for Tyler, since it's a man's T after all.

funny-shirt-shih-tzu-dog Bromley Bromley Genoe you need this Awe I should make a t shirt for the girls with prince Chulo They love their dogs

Funny mugshots.

More of the Craziest Funny Mugshots on police record. Stupid criminals in their busted glory