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7-24-13 Wednesday’s Tarot: 2 OF PENTACLES (Celtic Tarot) – Today may call upon you to establish some priorities. You may have things that compete for your attention, but realistically, you can only do one thing or the other if you want to do it well.

7-26-13 Friday’s Tarot: 7 OF WANDS (Celtic Tarot) – This card often pertains to people with unique ideas, or those who have personal visions they are trying to put into practice. Solving problems and finding better ways to do things are therefore important. Sometimes your unique ideas are the very thing that creates conflict with others . . . because they may not agree with you.

1-24-13 Thursday’s Tarot: 3 OF PENTACLES + 7 OF CUPS (Sacred Rose Tarot) – Pay attention to details today, because those details could help you make a tough decision. You may be choosing from a variety of possible options, but not all of those options are right for you.

Tuesday’s Tarot: KING OF PENTACLES (Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot) – Your leadership and practical abilities may be called upon to keep things organized and stable today. This is the card that is considered “Leader of the Pack” – especially in relation to family and/or financial concerns.

7-14-13 Sunday’s Tarot: 8 OF PENTACLES (Tarot Illuminati deck) – Even though it’s Sunday, you may have your nose to the grindstone today. Whether it’s cleaning house, working, or engaging in a hobby or project, you may find yourself with a desire to do the very best you can.

4-6-13 Saturday’s Tarot: 6 OF PENTACLES (Faerie Tarot) – You have things that others are not as fortunate to have. This upright card is about “having” while its reversed counterpart points to “not having.” Even if you think there is “more” you want, it’s a day to think of others where you can. Be generous - but not to your own detriment!

8-21-13 Wednesday’s Tarot: TWO OF STONES (Pentacles) – Arthurian Tarot – In this card, the path of water divides. You may be divided about your agenda today and uncertain what to do first. It’s a carryover energy from yesterday’s Reversed Chariot! You may have to multi-task some things today, but don’t get too carried away, or you may end up dropping the ball on some of those tasks.