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SSC results are just out. The kids and their parents are scrambling for admissions: not just to junior colleges, but also to tuitions and coaching classes. The next two years are going to be crucial to all of them: to concentrate, study, prepare, sacrifice, spill blood/sweat/tears, face occasional defeats, and to spring back from them... all this to secure a coveted admission to many professional courses.... a ticket to a future career! .... http://www.eventnu.com/events/detail/12318

Managerial Effectiveness is fast becoming the cutting edge for organizations. Organizations must invest in retaining competent managers and putting in system a new cadre of effective managers. It is in wake of these contextual factors that this workshop on Managerial Effectiveness is being conducted : http://www.eventnu.com/events/detail/12302

La Tomatina™ (Sᴇᴀsᴏɴ 2)

NetWorth :: Alternate Investment Summit

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