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Ordinariat für Geometrie - Universität für Angewandte Kunst

Ordinariat für Geometrie - Universität für Angewandte Kunst

Long-Lost Nikola Tesla Drawings Reveal Map To Multiplication

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A recently discovered set of original Nikola Tesla drawings reveal a map to multiplication that contains all numbers in a simple to use system. The drawings were discovered at an antique shop in central Phoenix Arizona by local artist, Abe Zucca.

John Martinaeu - The Dance of Venus (An accurate scientific drawing of Venus stunning pattern around the Earth. Our closest planetary neighbour draws a huge pentagram pattern around Earth every 8 years or 13 Venusian years. Four of the eight-year Venus cycles are shown, with the motion of Venus around Earth over 32 years), “A Little Book of Coincidence”, 2002.

The Dance of Venus. An accurate scientific drawing of Venus amazing pattern around the Earth Did you know that Venus, our closest planetary neighbour, draws a beautiful fivefold pattern around Earth? She does this every eight years.

Understanding the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio #photography http://fractalenlightenment.com/15458/fractals/understanding-the-fibonacci-sequence-and-golden-ratio

The Golden Mean Spiral can wear many hats in its function and relationship to Creation. It is my personal opinion that the Golden Mean Spiral represents the purest form of the feminine aspect of.

Fibonacci sequence in nature

you will give a human form to the economy. The Fibonacci sequence in beauty is found in the human face. The most beautiful people have faces that closely adhere to this proportion.

The golden ratio for design.

Theory: Give three points about what the golden ratio is. Give three examples where the golden ratio shows up in nature. Give three examples of where you could use the golden ratio in your own illustrations and design.

golden triangle 36 & 72 & 72 degrees  Fibonacci spiral and pentagon

Phi spirals are the proportions of the 5 sided pentagon the geometry of which is nested within the icosahedron, dodecahedron, DNA and the human body.