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Carys Goodwin on

my flatmate is art garfunkel #yournewflatmate

Lauren on

I think my flatmate is trying to tell me something with these little treats...

James Lynd on

#tbt to the time I had to do this to convince my flatmates to take out the recycling #yournewflatmate

Francis Bankie Irele on

You know you gotta move out when your flatmate leaves this for you in the morning. Not sure what it is but its #wrong

PJ McEvoy on

She's only spent about 5 minutes in our new home but I think that @KatieStimson is going to be a pretty good flatmate #yournewflatmate

My Flatmate decided to redecorate the shelf above the sink.

When you don't share a language with your flatmates, communication has to get a bit creative. - Imgur #yournewflatmate

'I Felt Like His Maid' A Cautionary Tale Of Doing Your Flatmate's Washing Up

Doing tiny bits of housework for your flatmate? Careful - it's just a slippery mould-ridden slope to becoming a lot like a maid...