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Magnets: Pulling Together, Pushing Apart (Amazing Science): Natalie M. Rosinsky, Sheree Boyd: 9781404803336: Books

Magnet Powered Car

Make science fun and playful by making a magnet powered car! Make a road and see if you can push/pull your car in the right direction without touching it.

is it magnetic activity: put a bunch of items in a bin and a magnetic wand for child to test if it's magnetic or not and then sort into a "magnetic" or "not magnetic" jar or cup

Learning about Magnets - for preschoolers (sensory fun for the letter M

magnet fun for kids - let them investigate various objects and sort them as magnetic vs. non-magnetic

Spring Moodboard

yellow type | rug | la Vie | abstract art | lines | neon website | white pattern | pink pattern | chair | black leaves I love doing mood boards because its an easy way to get out a design concept without having to do a whole project. Since I love colour so much and...