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Hello Awesome: DIY Fall Kid Craft: Handprint Wreath

Jacy Lee Pulford: DIY Fall Kid Craft: Handprint Wreath (or even paint and press handprint onto canvas in wreath shape for something to use through the years as fall decor)

MADE IT!  The kids had a way fun time   making this with their cousins at a Halloween party we put together.  They cut   them out afterward and taped them on the fridge.  They were not contenet to   leave the top of the candy corn without paper though, and ripped up some of the   white paper around the edges of the candy corn to use for that top   section.

4 Halloween Candy Recipes You Can Make At Home Simple candy corn craft with construction paper or tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Fall Wreath - great fine-motor and tactile craft for toddlers and preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

Tissue Paper Fall Wreath

tissue paper fall wreath - happy hooligans - fall crafts & fine motor I would let the students go out and find some real leaves to add to their wreaths to allow them to compare them as well as add their own personal touch to their project!

Mrs D's Corner: Books Bloggers Love - October 2015

The Candy Corn Contest ( Books Teachers Love )

**MADE** SUPER easy Halloween craft. Perfect for preschool aged kids. Even includes a free printable of the candy corn!

Handprint Art Projects: 75 is a lie - an incomplete post

75+ Handprint Art Projects

Kids love making handprint art. What is more fun than dipping your hands in paint? We have 75 projects to try!

Q-tip Skeletons

10 Frightfully Frugal Halloween Crafts for Kids

This is an activity for students that would be cute to do during Halloween season. As they make a Halloween craft the students will learn the different body parts while using house hold items as the bones.

Paper Plate Candy Corn Banner

10 Frightfully Frugal Halloween Crafts for Kids

have the kids make these in school? then hang banner.OR make it at party and they can take banner home with them? Paper Plate Candy Corn Banner and other easy kid friendly Halloween crafts.

Indian Corn Craft! Get crafty with the family with these 15 Thanksgiving kids craft ideas on www.prettymyparty.com.

Free Thanksgiving Printables and Craft Ideas

Indian Corn Craft - cut a basic corn shape out of white cardstock. The kids used pencil erasers to stamp brown, orange, and yellow paint to look like corn kernels. I think instead of using pencil erasers, they could use there finger prints instead.