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journemin:  Unwind   !!awwww

journemin: Unwind !!awwww

Sapphires<< oh yeah, i just remembered, Sapphires come in a lot of different colors.

Sapphires <<< in case you were wondering why red isn't included, it's because a red sapphire is classified as an entirely different gem.

Fandom loves to see in black and white. Arguments over whether characters are “good” or “bad” rage on forums all over the Internet, but Steven Universe understands that those questions are neither useful nor interesting. The question of whether or not we should sympathize with Pearl is not a matter of holding her actions up against a rubric and declaring she passes or fails but a matter of seeing her fight to define herself and trying to meet it with our own human experiences. The value of…

I relate to Pearl so much sometimes, I've definitely had my fair share of thinking I wasn't good enough.

Peridot                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Because lava lamps are only one of my favorite things ever and I’m sure Peridot would enjoy them too. Y’know, for the B) UPDATE: You can now buy this on things here!

Hearing, "Oh I love that show Sherlock..."

Everybody gets a meme

Hearing, "Oh I love that show Sherlock.">>>> Or doctor who or ouat or any anime lol

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Steven Universe Fan Art! — bluedrops5750: My wife I drew a while ago

ultracrystalaesthetiques: “ “My wife I drew a while ago ” amazing. thank you for your contribution ”