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Are you a new nurse or an experienced nurse?

The difference between a new nurse and an experienced nurse... #nursing #humor

5 things about nurses we’re loving on Pinterest this week - June 20

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T'was the night before Christmas, and all thru the floor Lasix was given, filling foleys galore. Stockings were worn to prevent emboli, they came in two sizes, knee and thigh high. The patients were nestled half-a$$ed in their beds, while visions of stool softeners danced in their heads. We in our scrubs, and they in their gowns, Fashions created to hide extra pounds. When down in the ER it became such a zoo they called with admissions for me and for you. They're…

Like this tumblr because it exposes a lot of assumptions that people make about us. When I say I go to church, lots of people are shocked to learn that I support equal marriage rights. Which is funny because it is the example of loving same gender couples in my church that have strengthened my support of equal marriage rights.