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Oh so you’re still using Post-its huh? That’s a shame. Must be terrible living in that closed off garden of conformist non-creativity. Stuck in that 3 x 3 inch note-cubical Hell, the days of the square yellow standard are finally over! This rad... #beststickynotes #coolgadgets #coolofficesupplies

Steaming Ship Pot Lid: Who says steamed vegetables have to be boring? Well, your tasted buds for one. That doesn't mean however that your kids have to think making them is boring. This silicone steam ship pot lid turns up the fun level on the preparation of your ...Read More @

Get a Grip Sponge and Scrubber Holder: Keep your daily sponge from soaking in its own suds with this suction-based, globe-like contraption. Whether it’s attached to the counter or the sink wall, its holey bottom allows excess liquid to drain out.