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I imagine if Elsa is amused, confused, dumbfounded, etc while watching Anna act this way during her musical number.

Funny story time so in math we were working on our assignment and our teacher starts whistling this song then eventually we all hear a faint "for the first time in forever" coming from his computer and we all lose it

If Disney Villains Had Won...I think Ursula upsets me the most...or Gaston.

What would had happened if the Disney villains had won. Its weird to see pictures of Belle and Gaston's boys if beast had been slayed. C-C-C-Creepy. But I don't think Belle ever would have married Gaston, no matter what the circumstances were.


Elsa tried to take care of Anna her whole life, and now it was Anna's turn.

Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portraits I like how Johnny Deep is playing captain jack sparrow

Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portraits, I appreciate these so much more now that I have taken a digital photography class.I just wish they picked a younger Beast