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Peter Funch

Artist Peter Funch, and Vanderbilt, Babel Tales, Last Flight, The Imperfect atlas.

I can't even get a text back and these skeletons can hold hands for over 1,000 years . Yeah thanks .

True Love, What holding hands for years looks like! 2 skeletons found in northern Italy and reveals the couple was buried holding hands some years ago. This is the most romantic picture I've ever seen!

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The November thing made me think of one if my best friends. Maybe my friend Dylan is a serial killer.

The more you know... Some are pretty funny.

The more you know…

I don't know where this fact comes from but I have never seen this guy!

Meet Philani Dladla, a. the Pavement Bookworm. He’s 24 and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and his story is quite incredible.As a child growing up in KwaZulu Natal he had always loved books.

Peter Funch

Peter Funch

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15 Smart Psychology Hacks for Everyday - good to know!

15 Smart Psychology Hacks for Everyday

15 Smart Psychology Hacks for Everyday. (I feel kinda iffy about calling them "psychology hacks".