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a dental inspection?

hang on little buddie. Frog and Crocodile, South Africa Photograph by Jonathan Blair, National Geographic

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting. Those kicks were fast as lightning, and it was a little bit frightening...  Who knows the rest of the lyrics? Who remembers this song?

Kungfu frog by shikhei goh. Shouldn't the "Kung Fu Fighting" song be playing for this guy?

˚Hypsiboas picturatus

The Imbabura tree frog, Hypsiboas picturatus, is a species of frog in the Hylidae family found in Colombia and Ecuador Mais

Black Rain Frog (Breviceps fuscus) - odd little amphibian.  I think I know where Jaba the Hutt came from.

Black Rain Frog (Breviceps fuscus) - odd little amphibian. I think I know where Jaba the Hutt came from.

Yeahhhh...ummm...welllll....while that sounds SUPER fun and all I'm not too into being being hit with chairs...and cars...or broken necks and death...you know that sorta thing...but yeah other than that...so. much. funnnn.

Tropical rainforests are home to more than half the world's plant and animal species, including this red-eyed tree frog.



Such a beautiful pairing of pink and green and a little frog nestled in a heart shaped flower (potentially a calla lily?). A plush pink petal throne for frog royalty.

Kermit Hangs Out ~ a green tree frog rests on a pink calla lily by Susan Candelario ~~

Photo : Grenouille "Oophaga Pumilio Aguacate Tierra Oscura" (Variante 1)

I was asked by a friend if their are any purple dart frogs and I had no answer so I will ask. Are their any purple dart frogs and what type are they.


My son breeds reptiles. He's bred a rare dart frog and got to name it. Blue Poison Dart Frog (South America) by LifeInMacro

~ Midnight Farm ~: The Witch's Garden ~

I want a toad house! Making a Toad House DIY. Pinner wrote: I made a nice little place out of a broken pot and an old brick, for the toad that lives in my garden. He's gotten kind of territorial about the whole thing.


Borneo, Long-nosed horned frog camouflaged in leaf litter, Megophrys nasuta, Sabah.