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ERMEHGERD!!!!!! Are you Kidding me? This is so freaking adorable. I must have one! The cutest little thang i have ever seen!!!! It's like baby one of the Wild things from Where the Wild Things Are...♥

Itsy Bitsy Baby Marmoset Being Raised In Germany

Itsy bitsy baby marmoset! This petite fellow was born in Eberswalde, Germany, and is being hand-raised so that his mom has enough milk for his two older siblings. TOO CUTE!

The Truth About Cheetohs

While they can be described as “deliciously cute”, they are not related to the delicious chip either. | The Truth AboutCheetohs

Baby piglet taking a shower - melt my heart! This just disproves the myth that pigs are very dirty animals: they will be clean if afforded the opportunity.

The Japanese macaque is a terrestrial Old World Monkey species native to Japan. They are also sometimes known as the snow monkey because they live in areas where snow covers the ground for months each year.