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Old/Rare Ireland Postage Stamps

2 turned One centavO Pilipinas/Philippines Postage Stamp.

You can see John and Robert Kennedy family pictures on old postage stamps in this video.

20-Stamp from my mostly all rare postage stamp video.

from my mostly all rare postage stamp video.

1848-1948 Texas 3c Old U.S. 1948-1949 Postage Stamp.

This video covers the years of 1948 and 1949 in old postal stamps.

Old Bahawalpur Postage Stamps.

Postage Stamps, Seal

192? 1c, 2c remarked 3c Postage Stamp From Belgique/Belgie.

remarked Postage Stamp From Belgique/Belgie.

Old/Rare Malta & Mongolia Postage Stamps

Check out these very nice and valuable India Postage Stamps.

30 Historical USA Postage Stamp

Some great old USA postage stamps for philatelist to check out.