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1906 Magic Postcards ( Part-3 ) In 1906 you had to heat these post cards up with a hot flat iron,gas jet or match without burning it in order to see the second half if the picture.Today because they are 108 years old the pictures of that second half can already be seen or maybe once you do it they stay seen.Not sure on that one.

Esse Gas Ironheart The Best Gas Range Cooker UK - Traditional Cast Iron Range Cookers

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CHI Good Questions: Painting a Radiator?

A lot of old radiators were cast iron and subject to rusting and peeling... this is still a problem in a lot of homes that use gas central heating...

1906 Magic Postcards ( Part-1 ) These postcards are all from 1906 by the American Journal Examiner of postcard you needed to heat up with hot flat iron,gas jet or matches but don't burn to see the other half of your postcard story.

This reaction is an example of creating a new substance. This is also an example of creating a solid. Fe+O2=Fe2O3. This is iron plus oxygen gas creates a new substance. This new substance is a solid. As you can see in the video the iron is heated then placed in an air tight glass, so it can react to the oxygen better.

Hot iron gas rides a wave of space-time around a black hole in this computer image taken from a Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer observation.

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How to Grill Absolutely Perfect Steaks Using Your Gas Barbeque

The cordless 6 in one gas-torch. The perfect tool for soldering, melting, shrinking, pyrography, hot cutting & paint removing. The only soldering iron that c...

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