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from Kendama USA

The Pill - Rasta Silk

Ay mon! Featuring the most chill pill around, the Rasta Silk. This trip split color way was inspired by our Tribute Rasta Kendama and the many requests we recei

* Do you believe in fairies? Specimen found by Mrs. Rosalyde Wright, Cottingley. April 1874 ~ by Jacob Petersson * (Not real :o(()

Bronze statuette of the Roman fertility god Priapus, made in two parts (shown here in assembled and disassembled forms). This statuette has been dated to the late 1st century C.E. It was found in Rivery, in Picardy, France in 1771 and is the oldest Gallo-Roman object in the collection of the Museum of Picardy. This figurine represents the deity clothed in a "cuculus", a Gallic coat with hood. This upper section is detachable and conceals a phallus.

According to Irish legend, Fairy Rings are the location of gateways into the fairy kingdom. The physical appearance of a circle of mushrooms or flowers are commonly found throughout the Emerald Isle. Folklore states that a fairy ring appears where a Leprechaun, fairy, or any other sprightly mystical creature exists and they will often be found laughing and dancing in the twilight.

I once found a part of the jaw of a doe in the forest, teeth and all. I incorporated the piece of bone into a statue of my Wild Woman Goddess, the Protectress.

from Etsy

Fairy garden signpost, painted signs fairy ring, snail trail, troll bridge on a rustic sign post, minature

Did you know in 1999 a Memphis jury found Loyd Jowers and US government agencies (including the CIA) guilty of conspiracy in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?

(pinned because I agree with the comment below!) As a Celtic lay-scholar this makes me barf. Modern Celts are monotheistic and ancient Celts were polytheistic, so what's this 'Lord and Lady' business and the threefold cursed part? That's all non-Celtic contemporary Gardenarian stuff that isn't found in the Carmina Gadelica.