I want to make this to take camping! Easy to cook anywhere over any fire! Roasted hot dogs are good, but you can't overestimate a delicious, hot meal in the woods!

The crematorium at Majdanek concentration camp, Lublin, Nazi-occupied Poland, 1944. The liberation of Lublin in Poland by the Soviet Red Army in July 1944 also revealed a huge concentration camp and extermination camp, where the Nazis carried out mass murder on a vast scale. Victims of the camp included Poles, Jews of all nationalities, French, Greeks, Dutch, Italians, Belgians, Yugoslavians, Hungarians and anti-Nazi Republican Spaniards.

The idea for this bread and butter pudding with marmalade and chocolate from How To Eat Outside was conceived at the end of a week of camping when Genevieve Taylor was left with a collection of slightly sad-looking leftover bits of this and that – stale and on-the-turn ingredients in need of a good home, and what a home it turned out to be! A foil-lined springform cake tin placed inside a Dutch oven is the best way to cook this recipe.

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