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Mexican Otomi Embroidery. look for fabrics like this for sun blockers on the west side of patio, or for table cloths.

Tischdecke. Im Mittelteil reiche Flechtbandornamentik, 26 Ovale bildend. Umschrift. Stielstich auf Leinwand, Kettenstich; : Gobelinstich, Hexenstich; : Flechtstich. 1200 - 1250. Herkunft: Schweiz, Ostschweiz. Masse: Höhe 111 cm, Breite 684 cm. (LM-16405) Detail 1.

Slovak traditional embroidery - Výšivka na tyle z dienka čepca. Dvorníky (okr. Krupina), 1. polovica 20. storočia. Depozitár ÚĽUV. Foto: O. Danglová

example of Chikan embroidery, India The Chikankari or the Chikan embroidery got its birth from Lucknow during the reign of Wajad Ali the last ruler of the state. It was one of the many arts and crafts...