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Remembering Life Savers Holes, the tiny candy from the & that filled our lives with.

Is this more my childhood, or Kiki and ya's since the 90s came to Nebraska a bit later on?

Slap bracelets, caboodle, tamagotchis, the boxcar children? Being a kid was pretty awesome :)

Little Miss Mermaid - I adored the one I had when I was little

Little Miss Mermaid. my favorite mermaid ever! She changed colors when u put her in the tub with u

I miss the 80's....

I forgot about my bottled emotion perfume! I use to wear that all the time

The old Berry Berry Kix. They currently have it again with all berries!! That made my day yesterday :)

General Mills introduced Kix in and Berry Berry Kix in Though the original brand is still going strong, the Berry brand is hard to find nowadays. This used to be my favorite cereal!

Remember getting these from the school dentist??...They don't even have a school dentist anymore!!

Dental disclosing tablets - the red ink stain to teach you how to brush teeth

Growing up in the 80′s - HumorPig.com - All Kinds of Funny Stuff

I clearly remember MacGuyver, and the stupid commercials that said, "what you…

McDonald Land cookies!

I remember McDonaldLand Cookies. They also had mini chocolate chip.