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No Hospital Left Behind! - More than 2,000 hospitals — including some nationally recognized ones — will be penalized by the government starting in October becal use many of their patients are readmitted soon after discharge, new records show.

How Patients Learn in the Digital Age [Infographic Wednesdays]

How Patients Learn in the Digital Age [Infographic Wednesdays]

Prevention means business

If medical error were an official cause of death, it would be the 3rd largest killer in the U.S.

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Google Warns Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet In July

Google will warn users if they are infected with a virus that will block them from the Internet in July

Issues and concerns related to the U.S. healthcare system as well as those around the world.

nursing infographic | brought to you by assistedlivingtoday com

nursing infographic | brought to you by assistedlivingtoday com

Home HealthCare - Readmissions are a huge issue in the United States. Organizations and practices are trying to find new and innovative ways to reduce healthcare spending costs. The increased use ofa home healthcare system may helpto curb the nation’s costs.

Shared Decision Making: Not Ready for Prime Time - When it comes to delivering truly patient-centered care…how are providers supposed to know when they have “arrived”? According to Michael Berry, MD, President of the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, providers will know they have achieved the “pinnacle of patient-centered care” when they routinely engage their patients in shared decision-making (SDM).

Four Keys to Understanding Big Data in HealthCare - The migration away from paper records in healthcare is a timely example of increases in data production. While the paper-to-digital transition is important, the road to attaining meaningful results from the records is fraught with technological challenges in both the capture (EHR, record storage) and analysis (data mining, business intelligence) of the data.