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Full disclosure I took this picture 3 days ago. The room looks nothing like this right now as it is covered in toys and laundry. My husband is in bed with a nasty man cold and we all know how well he handles those. Prayers welcome... for me that is. I kid.I kid. I'm being a good nurse. Im not actually a monster. The bummer is since he is sick we don't get to spend time with him. The silver lining is not spending time together also means he can't argue over not watching the Bachelor later…

5 Ways to Naturally Clean Whites

Going green means we're trying to avoid harmful chemicals in our everyday cleaning supplies. That pretty much nixes bleach altogether, but we've found a few natural ways to whiten laundry without the use of bleach...

Tandoori Chicken w/ Curry Pineapple Rice via @meljoulwan

37 Seriously Useful Tips Every Neat Freak Needs To Know

Make your own no-fume bleach with baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide. | 37 Seriously Useful Tips Every Neat Freak Needs To Know

The designers even managed to tuck a laundry area in, which means less time lugging clothes to a laundromat and more time at home with your honey.

Haier and LG both off washing machines that do TWO loads at once

While Haier says its dual-drum washer is the first of its kind, LG unveiled a washing machine (pictured) with a mini-washer built into the pedestal at CES in Barcelona in January

Laundry symbols. Don't throw your money down the drain. Wash your clothes correctly and you won't have to fork out money for new ones.