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She is not going to do much for her teeth or gums. And could hurt herself using a long piece of floss tilted at such angles. Unfortunately, this flossing method will do more harm than good. Flossing this way will be frustrating and ineffective. Learn the 4 steps to painless and effective flossing

Dentaltown - Each tooth has a job to do! Front teeth, called incisors have sharp edges to cut your food. Side teeth, called cuspids are pointed to tear your food into small pieces. Back teeth, called molars are broad and flat. They crush and grind your food so that it can be swallowed and digested properly.

#Healthy gums are just as important as healthy teeth, which can also result in tooth decay and #gingivitis

How To Teach Children To Brush Their Teeth The Right Way? #children #oralhealth #dentalhealth #brushing

Cavity is the main reason of bad breath and tooth decay. If you don’t start taking care in the beginning you will end up losing huge bucks at a dentist’s place. Excessive cavity changes the color of teeth and makes the teeth weaker, increasing sensitivity in teeth. The infection sometimes spreads to the nearby teeth and we finally have to visit the dentist. It even causes problems in gums.

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