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Wouldn T,Wonderful

Sue has gotten us a lot of wonderful, new, indoor gym equipment, but at this time of the year, I can't help but "Think Spring". Wouldn't it be fun to build something like this to put in the grass at the far side of the playground?!

Amazing Chocolate Box Cake

This pretty Kit Kat Chocolate Box Cake is great for birthday party or other gathering. Bake a cake, cover...

7 Life-changing morning rituals

7 Life-changing morning rituals. Your morning routine sets the mood and tone for your entire day. Wouldn't it be wonderful, if you started each and every

I was expecting it to be cynical because I’m like that myself. I wouldn’t want it to be all roses because life isn’t like that. ~Amy Winehouse~

Kintsukoroi. Living through failure and pain builds character; character adds depth and intrigue. Leverage your experiences (positive or negative) to IMPROVE — it’s there for the taking.

Hybrid Booster Pack

I wouldn´t mind a walk in the forest at night if I could be enjoying an atmosphere like this. It is just amazingly beautiful❣


Every year for Christmas Grandma Maxine would tirelessly create these wonderful cookies for her family. Everyone adored Grandma’s Buckeyes. “It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them,” we all thought–especially the children. Once again, she made these every year for as long as I can remember. And these cookies were new to me, as a …

There are many things needed to make up a great face, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was something that could do it all? Fight breakouts, conceal, brighten,...