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Europe-based freelance artist Robert Borbas of Grindesign has created a killer dark side Star Wars fan art illustration that is hungry for some brains. Undead Star Wars by Robert Borbas / Grindesign.

The Legend of Zelda, Darth Link

The Legend of Zelda, Darth Link

Who wouldn’t love vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl and miniature chocolate Han Solo’s frozen in carbonite? Ok so it’s not real, but let’s hope Ben or Jerry are listening.

Good lord...some People just piss me the fuck off. Instead of stalking me go take care of your mental boyfriend

Of course Best Movies Ever had to do a Top Ten list of horror movies with Halloween coming up quickly, but with 'The Walking Dead' coming back for Season we decided to do a best zombie movie list. Let the disagreeing commence!

Only you can prevent the zombie apocalypse. Wash your hands!

Zombie Apocalypse Wash your Hands (Framed) by The Artwork Factory at Gilt -- bathroom!

Where have these been all my life, & y dont I own like 20 boxes already?!

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I had initially thought that this art was connected to "The Walking Dead" comic, but now I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, I don't know who originally did this art but I absolutely love it! It's eerily creepy and disturbing without being overtly graphic.

Submission for Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup Art Contest.

TARDIS Doodle - would be great to do something like this and frame it for the kids!