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Roy Fox Lichtenstein, né le 27 octobre 1923 à Manhattan et décédé le 29 septembre 1997 à Manhattan, est un des artistes les plus importants du mouvement pop art américain.

"Teach art history daily. Middle school students have art for 50 minutes every day for nine weeks. The first five to ten minutes of each class period is spent on art history. I put a piece of art on the whiteboard and I facilitate a class discussion on the piece of art. Students discuss what they observe, like, dislike, and what elements and principles they see in the art. Students can get very wrapped up in art history and you will find they create connections..."

The elephant-tear moth (Mabra elephantophila) is a species of moth in the family Crambidae. As their name suggests, these moths get all of their sustenance from the tears of elephants or other large African mammals. If the animal isn’t producing enough tears, the moths will scratch at its eyes to irritate them.

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Happy Birthday @GuerdeJill Ward de Pagter 21 Years still going strong !

World's Weirdest Sports A range of unusual or just plain different sports from around the world. 04 November 2011 / All photos: © ANP