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Is Brett bisexual or something? I'm just confused cause of the episode in season 5. He was dancing with a girl first and then danced with a guy... *cough*

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Pretty Little Liars on

S7 Ep5 "Along Comes Mary" - The force is strong with this one. #PrettyLittleLiars

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How to create an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a basic introduction of yourself, typically summed up in 30 seconds. Learn how to impress recruiters in 5 easy steps.

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Aloha // Typography Print, Motivational Print, Inspirational Print, Wall Art, Home Decor, Positive Prints, Life Quote, Sunshine, Tropical

This i feel is the most appropriate direction for the surfer brand.

? convertible purple cars bugatti veyron #luxury

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Exercises to Improve Your Posture and Bring Relief to Your Back & Spine, Part 5

Office workers and anybody who tends to sit a lot will find these exercises very helpful in alleviating problems and symptoms associated with prolonged sitting. If you are diagnosed with a spinal or back injury, consult with your doctor if these exercises are suitable for you. The series so far: Exercise #1: Cat-Cow Exercise #2: Back Extension …

As a bracelet without the outline or middle section A Scythian golden pectoral from the royal grave at Tolstaja Mogila kurgan, Ukraine, perhaps 400 BC or earlier. Depicts Scythian life and mythologies. The weight of the piece is 1150 grams, 36.9 troy oz, or 2.5 lb.

Ocho kilómetros al día, seis años y, tan solo para un cubo de cinco litros con el que casi no puede; mañana ha de volver...así debe saber el agua que trae. ELS HORTS.