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Repin if you find out what's wrong with this pic?! shared via: zoolz.com

Look very closely. (I'm normally opposed to these acronyms but thought this was funny.and a little creepy?more creepy than funny)

Youre accidentally doing it right.

There is to things why I'm laughing is a Elmo eye sticking out and It says Nana Nana Nana Nana Batman if you put the two shirts together: ) : ) ( :


Can someone please explain to me how something like this happens? I mean, you couldn’t have pissed, shit, or puked yourself so badly that you felt the need to strip yourself of clothes only to place a cardboard box around yourself. I mean WTF?

No little Asian!

No little Asian!

Eating puppies - Funny baby looks like eating cute puppies: No little Asian, dont eat them raw!

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(ふたなり) ふたなり勃起乙女

That kid's face is priceless! But the kid getting the shot is the one with the really wild look on his face! That kid who's next is SO me!

I'd expect nothing less.

I HAAATTTEEE these pictures. Just one picture and they think they're going to grow up "FABULOUS" for all we know this kid could be the shyest thing in the world

LMAO! // front butt syndrome // Humor Train [could find no other source via tineye]

Funny pictures about Body type: Reversible. Oh, and cool pics about Body type: Reversible. Also, Body type: Reversible photos.


These 40 Incredibly awkward baby bump photos are creepy, funny, and just plan weird. Check out the awkward pregnancy photos and share your favorite.

LOL  Just stick to UGGs or slip on's.  Heels are not for cankles.  You're welcome

LOL Just stick to UGGs or slip on's. Heels are not for cankles. You're welcome

Omg! Could not stop laughing!! XD

Don't neglect your eyebrows. Every time you get your hair done.remember to care and shape your brows :) they make a difference

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In a Crib, In a Van,Down by the River! Chris Farley, welcome back! my favorite Chris Farley movie In a Crib Van Down by the River! Chris Farley welcome back! my favorite movie


take a dance class! Dance is a very important part of my life. I dance almost every day, and I am seriously grateful that I am able to. Dance as a workout is almost perfect.

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