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Church preschool is closing its doors, after allegations of child molestation ~ Sanctified Church Revolution    http://sanctifiedchurchrevolution.blogspot.com/2013/02/church-preschool-is-closing-its-doors.html#.UQ_vrWeyq_I

Church preschool is closing its doors, after allegations of child molestation

Funeral Arrangements Announced for President Monson - Church News and Events

Funeral services for President Thomas S. Monson will be held in the Conference Center on Temple Square Friday, January at noon (mountain standard time).

Elder Bednar Counsels Those Facing Adversity to “Shrink Not” - Church News and Events

Elder Bednar Counsels Those Facing Adversity to “Shrink Not” - Church News and Events

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President Monson Dies at Age 90 - Church News and Events

President Thomas Spencer Monson, President of the Church, died Tuesday, January in his home in Salt Lake City.

LDS Church News

LDS Church News

Church Adds New Opportunities for Youth and Children to Prepare for and Participate in Temples - Church News and Events

The First Presidency has announced changes in temple policies that give young men and young women of the Church more opportunities in temple work and that help Primary children better prepare to serve in the temple.

Sister Burton: Women’s Influence Complements Priesthood - Church News and Events

Righteousness is the qualifier to invite the priesthood into our lives, said Linda K. Burton, Relief Society general president, during her address at the BYU Women’s Conference May in Provo, Utah.

Five Ways to Celebrate the Sabbath as a Family - Church News and Events

It can be hard to think of things to do to make Sunday a special, spiritual day. Here are five suggestions.

From Sister Linda K. Burton’s CES devotional http://lds.org/church/news/sister-burton-shares-nine-ways-to-draw-closer-to-god •1. Sincerely and humbly pray. •2. Act promptly on spiritual impressions. •3. Search the scriptures daily. •4. Live the law of the fast. •5. Be worthy and worship in the temple. •6. “Trifle not with sacred things.” •7. Be prepared to move forward in faith. •8. Let God decide what He chooses to reveal and when He chooses to reveal it. •9. Heed prophetic warnings.

Sister Burton Shares Nine Ways to Draw Closer to God - Church News and Events

Reverence and respect: teaching children forgotten principles

Reverence and respect: teaching children forgotten principles- an article from the LDS Primary General Presidency

To help prepare you for worship during Holy Week, we offer this reflection on genuflection using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). If you don't know yours, you can take an unofficial version here. Each Holy Week personality is paired with a patron saint, so we can imitate them in our own unique, sacred pathways. Read the description for which services provide adoration opportunities that are the right rite for your praise personality.

Holy Week Myers-Briggs - News - Church of the Resurrection. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology. Seems appropriate to me - and yes, I know that it's not Holy Week.

LDS Church News - Latter-day Saint Young Women: 'In the strength of the Lord, I can do hard things'

LDS Church News - Young Women camp provides powerful mountaintop experiences