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every. damn. day. - just do it (smart advice)

Basic Workout: Glute Bridge March

Glute Bridge March: Focus on forming and maintaining a straight line from shoulder to knees. Tighten core as knee is brought towards chest. Left knee lift then right knee lift = 1 rep

Sore Not Sorry by AwesomeBestFriendsTs on Etsy #workout

Honey Bear - Liquid Soap

CRAZY AWESOME LEG AND AB WORKOUT! DO 3 REPS OF THE FOLLOWING: 50 crunches 20 squat jumps 1 minute plank 2 minute wall sit 30 side crunches, each side 20 roll- back- and- jumps 20 v- ups 150 calf raises; 90 regular, 30 right leg, 30 left leg

Shape Up: My 7 Days to Skinny Jeans Plan

Really good tips and good recipes!

A workout for your arms! You’ll need a single dumbbell (about 3-10 pounds is best) or a full jug of water or a gallon of milk for this workout.

A reminder that the number on the scale doesn't matter!