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How were the minds of demons and humans similar? What was similar about the ways that demons and humans existed? Why did MyKey initially walk his process in complete isolation? What dimensions of yourself can you not access without the support of others?

How did ghosts and other interdimensional beings manage to simulate the experience of touch on human beings’ physical bodies in this physical realm in the past? Why, with some ghosts managing to simulate touch in this physical realm, was this detrimental to the Creators' control of this physical realm and humans' minds? How were Auras used to protect humans from ghosts and demons in order to ensure that they do not have access into this physical realm or the humans’ physical body?

What exactly did the Creators of Existence do to people’s Minds to ensure that we have no access to heaven’s dimensions, and in so doing create the belief that there is no other reality that exists but this one? How did the Creators of Existence ensure that ghosts and other dimensional beings were separated from this physical realm, even though they could move and walk around people? Why were the Creators of Existence so strict about this level of separation?

Were demons entirely responsible for the actions of the people they possessed, or was their influence limited to emphasising what was already existing within the person's mind? How relevant is this now, after Heaven and the demon dimensions were cut off from this physical existence? How can you use the darkness that you experience to get to know yourself and your mind better so that you can release the darkness?

How did this man end up in the Demon dimension as the embodiment of hopelessness? What does it mean to ‘embody hopelessness'? How did this man free himself from this hopelessness and the Demon dimension? What process was he shown to walk to assist and support himself - and more importantly – what part of himself did he see and realise that set him free?

How can you support yourself to understand your Mind within the experience of paranormal activity in your life? How were your Mind, being and body channelled into the heaven and demon dimension simulations for them to feel so "real"? How will you understanding how this works support you to transcend possessions?

How did this man’s past life and death experience contribute to him becoming the embodiment of hopelessness in the Demon dimension instead of ascending into the higher planes of Heaven? How can his life experience and process of becoming and freeing himself from hopelessness support you in your personal process? What can you learn from the journey he walked on earth and in heaven?

How did Cecil experience his life, especially given that he was well known by humans? What does Cecil have to share about the current state of relationships between humans and animals? What does Cecil have to share about the differences in awareness between animals and people?

Why did the Creators of existence not manage to control the substance and physical matter of beings and existence? Why did the Creators want to control this substance and physical matter of beings? How did the Creators eventually manage to find a way to control the substance of peoples' beingness as well as the physical matter of human bodies and existence? How was extreme polarity used in relation to the mind and being?

How were the interdimensional beings isolated from each other in the past and…