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.....but sometimes you still need a tour guide ....to show you the way

27 Adventure Quotes

.....but sometimes you still need a tour guide ....to show you the way

I shall spend it complaining about how the film does not comply to the book

You have this one life. How do you want to spend it? Hating yourself? Do what feels good. Take risks. Make yourself proud. Source: You Have This One Life – Tiny Buddha

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13 Times Rupi Kaur Spoke To The Soul

‘I Can’t Tell If It’s Healing Or Destroying Me’: Rupi Kaur’s Feminist Poetry

I love that ur so sappy and clingy and cliche and loving and a big cuddly baby and ñoño and so romanticcccc. Please never change. I love all of that. Creo q soy hasta peorr que tu

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There is nothin sexier than a man who is in love with his woman and is not afraid to show it.

So stop. Stop emailing me, stop texting me, stop calling, stop showing up uninvited, stop asking your friends to bug me, stop stop stop. I know my worth, and I am worth a thousand times more than the way you treated me. Go away. I'm done.

Sometimes, ya just gotta push people away. to protect them from your inner-storm that's raging!