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So much character motivation.

I definately think that shape should be on this list, because he didn't love Lily he was obsessed with her.

Supernatural has a gif for everything bc the entire show discusses the weirdest things in some way shape or form

actually my family loves her just as much. My little brother was singing "I knew you were trouble" the other day perfectly... And he's three.

Meme Center | allkpop

Do you know whats cool???!! This is half Shawn Mendes and half Cameron…

SnowBaz (valdeznico: This is what happens when you read...)

As much as Percy would probably feel bad I personally think Nico wouldn't be the person he was if he didn't do the stuff he did and went through the tragedies he had. I think those moment really helped shape nico and make us love him a little more. Because the fandom is just a little more grateful when we see headcanons or even canonical excerpts where Nico is smiling or laughing or loving. I'm not sure I would want it any other way