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He could use a name, if anyone has suggestions? Just have to say, he’s absolutely gorgeous.

Faisão Swinhoei - Aves Ornamentais - Faisão | Fazenda Visconde

Faisão Swinhoei - Aves Ornamentais - Faisão | Fazenda Visconde

a verdade democrática: pássaros do brazil - gralha azul

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Black-streaked Puffbird (Malacoptila fulvogularis) - a species of puffbird in the Bucconidae family. It is found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Its natural habitat is subtropical and tropical moist montane forests.

Black-streaked Puffbird, Mala-coptila fulvogularis: CO/ EC/ PE/ BO

Lakenvelder - Aves Ornamentais - Galinhas | Fazenda Visconde

The Lakenvelder or Lakenfelder is a breed of domestic chicken from the Nordrhein-Westfalen area of Germany and neighbouring areas of the Netherlands. It was first recorded in Wikipedia Origin: Netherlands

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