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Lee Ann'S,Ann'S Photos

Lee Ann Walker, 12-2", 4/7/2015, experiment with Sharpie markers on poly- satin, machine stitching, beads.... holes. (Think hippie jellies) | Lee Ann Walker, 5-2", 2:17:2015 | Lee Ann Walker, 5-2", 2/17/15. Exploring machine stitches on trash from the studio floor.assorted thrum, polyester, beads, wire, floss

Lee Ann Walker 2- 2"- Seasons, 1/27/2015 | Seasons- commercial felt base, burlap, thread, paint, sequins and beads.

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance. / Never settle for the path of least resistance. [...] And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance... / I hope you dance. ~Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann Walker- 28-2" Fireflies. 7/28/2015. Machine felted and embroidered, poly sheers, metallics on commercial felt, wire thread and beads. Playing with mounting 2" squares on larger base to frame.