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from io9

The Legion of Art Nouveau Heroes

What we need in this troubled world is heroes. Who look cool. And what looks cooler than Art Nouveau? The European art style popularized in the late 19th century is synonymous with beauty, grace and total mind-blowing radness.

Wonder Woman with a Can of Coca Cola pop art illustration. Love the detail within the illustration with the tones, and dots. Also the graphics of the can of Coke are very strong and make the whole image look extremely effective.

<3 Jill Thompson! Toronto Fan Expo is a great comic Con- the only downside to it is it’s held 500 feet below ground and there’s no wifi for Square payment access!!! So I am only now able to upload some convention drawings I did courtesy of the civilized and wonderful Porter Airlines. First up- Chibi WonderWoman

from io9

What if Pixar made a Justice League movie?

Put this under the category of "Not gonna ever happen in a hundred million years." Some of our favorite DC superheroes have been re-imagined in the style of Pixar animation. For those of you living under a rock, Pixar is ... Read More