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Matrix Series

brent kee young - Matrix Series: "Across a Crowded Room.

Brnet Kee Young    'Matrix Series' Lampworked glass

Matrix Series: "Origins I ." by glass artists brent kee young

-Brent Kee Young-  'Matrix Series' *Glass Art  (detail)

brent kee young - Matrix Series: "Myth in the First Order.

Brent Kee Young - Matrix Series. I've seen this in person and it is stunning.

Informed by Native American Bark Basket.

-Brent Kee Young-  'Matrix Series' *Glass Art

Collection of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Renwick Gallery, Washington, DC

Untitled art glass from the 'Echoes' series by Stephen Rolfe Powell

Stephen Rolfe Powell is a world-class colorist of international standing in…

Ronald Reagan created jobs with The Star Wars Initiative and paid for with our Social Security!

Brent Kee Young

Brent Kee Young's art studio in Cleveland is a wonderland of glass design