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Even basic school supplies like pencils, notebooks and erasers are hard to come by - and nearly impossible to afford - for many families living in poverty around the world. Baptist Global Response is sponsoring the “Kits for Kids” campaign to help equip a child with the tools needed to get an education.

An Intriguing Glimpse of Classrooms Around the World

By presenting different pupils, different schools, different year groups, Germain asks questions about contemporary educational practices and social divisions.

Photographer Julian Germain’s portraits of school classrooms make for an intriguing archive of what early 21st-century education looks like around the world.

Children in rural NW, South Africa, left unattended when their teachers don't come to school.

Education is the single largest determining factor for future economic status. Yet, 130 million young people worldwide are not in school—and 70 percent are girls. If a girl cannot complete secondary school, she is at a higher risk of illiteracy, HIV and early marriage, offering little chance of reaching her potential. #education

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Global Development and Population Program’s grantmaking helps improve learning in schools in the developing world. This is one way to promote development that empowers and helps to realize the potential of vulnerable people, particularly young women and girls.

Learn about Kenya! Kids Share their Corner of the World

Kids Share their Corner of the World: Learn about Kenya from @Becky Hui Chan (

Help change this statistic. #Education empowers children to break free from the cycle of poverty and improve themselves, their families and their communities.