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Even basic school supplies like pencils, notebooks and erasers are hard to come by - and nearly impossible to afford - for many families living in poverty around the world. Baptist Global Response is sponsoring the “Kits for Kids” campaign to help equip a child with the tools needed to get an education.

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Why I Will Never Make an Excuse for a Child Living in Poverty

Just because a student has a low SES status, does NOT mean that they are incapable of learning. Torey let Sheila thrive in the classroom because she was smart irregardless of her background, and I really appreciated the fact that she was so beneficial to Sheila's education.

Teacher Confession: Once a child is in my class, I will always refer to him as 'one of my kids' - even when he's grown.

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Resources for Teachers in High-Poverty Schools

Resources for Teachers in High-Poverty Schools | The Cornerstone

"If a child’s behavior is difficult, but within a normative range, it is our job to help them without discrimination" Great piece re: why zero-tolerance policies hurt kids.

Learn how to address the global #education gap at >>>

24 million girls can't afford to go to school. Let's help change this.

"It shouldn't matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop."- Robert John Meehan

#education will break the cycle of #poverty

Global Education Digest 2012. Author: Unesco