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Disney characters and their Myer Brigg Personalities. I’m like Belle!

The best Myer-Briggs Disney personality chart I've seen so far. ENFP-so true. ISTJ-also very very truel

by- Lisa J. Emerson (http://www.facebook.com/lisajemerson) Original: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/530298_10151304382942351_1784458708_n.jpg

I am sold that I am a cross between esfp esfj and isfp because I would totally say all three XD

Disney Myers-Briggs Personality Test http://geekxgirls.com/article.php?ID=1722:

Disney Myers-Briggs Personality Test Disney characters probably aren't the greatest example of personality types, but I thought it was cute :)

ESFP. My discovered this is my actual personality type, but I am hardly extroverted

It was a shock to me to go to Personality Café, and read the healthy vs. depressed ENFJ, because it tells me I'm NOT introvert, but extrovert.

The Difference In Caring For Introverts VS Extroverts… SO Important. It's my husband and I in a nutshell

How to care for introverts and extroverts. Some great things to remember for both personality types!

Morning Roundup 10/8/13 | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

This is the first time I've taken the full Myers-Briggs test, it's kind of interesting what I "am." Chances are, your personality is similar to one of the sixteen types defined by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers.

Well, that is what people tell me. I try to explain this to people when they don't understand my first thought then they get even more confused. Story of my life Yayyay


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Disney Myers Briggs - Totally okay with being on the same team as Mary Poppins.

Disney Myers Briggs - Totally okay with being on the same team as Jesus. But can your personality type change over time?

infp | Is INFP a common personality? - Quora

INTJ is the third rarest personality type in the population, and the rarest type among women (with ENTJ). INTJs make up: of the general population; of men; of women I am ENTJ!

I quite like this, except -- Dylan Thomas ... poet ... author of Under Milkwood ... an INTJ? Seriously? Or was it just the words that were supposed to be emblematic of the types?

MBTI Famous Last Words (Now, now, my good man. This is no time for making enemies - ESTP)(Don't disturb my circles -Archimedes)

Time passes us by so fast...quotes

"Try to imagine a life without timekeeping, you probably can't. Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out"


INTJ Infographic: All About the Mastermind Personality Type. INTJ for life.

Disney Quotes. Giving up is for rookies. I'm willing to go the distance. How about you? :)

Because i love Disney! Disney inspirational quotes: Pinocchio The Lion King the Jungle Book Peter Pan Mary Poppins Toy Story Cars Winnie the Pooh Alice in Wonderland The Aristocats Hercules Pocahontas Mulan Walt Disney words of wisdom

Area of study based on ‘Myers-Briggs’ personality type. So maybe emotions are a gift. : )

Major Areas of Study Based on the Meyers Briggs-Type Indicator (MBTI) - the self-inventory personality test based on Carl Jung's theories about personality types.