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The privatization of intelligence

George Friedman: The next 100 years, The next decade.

The New York Times speaking w/ #JulianAssange on #FacebookLive

While Julian Assange is still holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy awaiting possible political asylum, a U. Senator has renewed calls for him to be prosecuted for espionage.

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Oh how some people forget history that it was the Republican Party that abolished the atrocity that is slavery. I love this man! He should have been our next president¡!

And, as many a Republican is more than willing to point out (so they can claim they stopped slavery when in reality they fucking didnt) Republicans WERE the Democrats then. It was a gradual property shift that took everything but the name with it.

The Democrat party members owned slaves and made so much profit from slavery that they fought tooth and nail to keep slavery legal. The Republican party helped END SLAVERY.

The dialectics of conspiracy theory

The dialectics of conspiracy theory

People can say I'm an idiot for voting for trump, good thing it doesn't hurt coming from ignorant hypocrites.

physical assaults and threats, name calling, hate filled rants towards all who disagree with them. Validating EVERY DAMN DAY.