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Slav Mythology (a small part of it)

Slav Mythology (a small part of it)

Monster in America cryptozoology map from Hog Island Press: http://www.hogislandpress.com/product/monster-map

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The Philadelphia-based Hog Island Press print shop has created Monsters in America, a cryptozoological map of the United States that features all sorts of legendary creatures from across America. They left out the Beast of Bray Road in Wisconsin.

These are just a few of the terrifying myths, monsters, and ghouls from around the world.

Halloween scares from around the world in chilling infographic

What& the Halloween season without a few scary stories? Not much at all, if you ask me — which is why I was delighted to find UK-based costume retailer Morph Costume& latest infographic. Detailing 18 creepy urban legends from around the world, it&

Elemental spirits of the Philippines | Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Art

Top ten elemental spirits in the Philippines

Every State's Supernatural Claim to Fame - Movoto

This Awesome Map Shows Each State’s Supernatural Claim To Fame

Every State's Supernatural Claim to Fame - Movoto<<< At first glance, I thought the ghost for 'Paranormal' was the TARDIS.

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore these creatures have a likely origin of the Jotner in Norse mythology. Jotner were most damaging to the Norse gods , but sometimes benefit

Werewolves have dominated legends and myths for hundreds of years. This infographic details their origins from around the world and explores the differences in werewolves culturally.

Werewolf Legends [Infographic]

For thousands of years, people have been obsessed with the shapeshifter. The idea of humans who could change into animals at will has been toyed with in all sor

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Megatherium Is a giant sloth that lives on the ground. the ruler of south america it was a omnivore that went extinct years ago. Early man killed The animal, and used every part of it. It lived alongside doedicrus sabertooth cats and terror birds

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